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ESKER: A Worldwide Leader in Cloud-based Document Processing Automation Software.

Esker A worldwide leader in Cloud based solution 2

Quit Paper in any Business Document Process

For Quite some time, business faced challenges to manage documents across different devices, as well as to control document flow that made business reporting an arduous task. This scenario prevailed for years mainly because organisations used manual processes, which were neither sophisticated not intelligent enough to capture data from complex documents such as invoices, sales orders and account statements. Due to the complexity these documents contain: product codes, GST, quantities, prices, etc. businesses experienced processing delays, high error rates, poor reporting and customer dissatisfaction. Thanks to documentation process automation software, organizations can automate their manual business processes  which were neither sophisticated nor intelligent enough to capture data from complex documents such as invoices, sales order sand account statements. Due to the complexity these documents contain: product codes, GST, quantities, prices,etc., businesses experienced processing delays, high error-rates, poor reporting and customer dissatisfaction. Thanks to documentation process automation software, organizations can automate their manual business processes and free up their workforce from spending hours on error-prone manual operations. Automating document processes throughout a company adds value to existing systems, enhances productivity, strengthens business relationships and improves the exchange of business-critical documents between customers and suppliers.

Starting off as a host access software provider in 1985, today Esker has become one of the leading document process automation solution providers. Esker solutions help organizations of all sizes to improve efficiencies, accuracy, visibility and costs associated with business processes.

The core principle behind Esker’s document process automation platform is a focus on helping businesses Quit Paper to drive operational efficiencies, cost savings and process visibility. Esker offers solutions specifically designed to eliminate the huge amounts of paper flowing through order-to-cash (O2C) cycle of fulfilling customer orders and collecting payment, and the purchase-to-pay (P2P) cycle of buying the goods and services.Increasing speed and accuracy through document process automation helps businesses fulfill customer orders faster, get paid sooner, optimize financial management and maximize supply chain efficiency.

From cloud computing and infrastructure to business processes and personal collaboration, Esker has proved to be one of the rarest software vendors to offer 100 percent cloud and business automation to its clients.

In a nut shell, Esker guarantees to bring the paper-flow of information to a halt within an organization by initiating the right automation to every business documentation cycle.

One Platform for Any Business Process

Esker allows businesses to control all of their document process improvement efforts in one collaborative platform that spans the entire cash conversion cycle. Whether they want to automate and capture any inbound documents (sales order, vendor invoices) or electronically deliver any outbound document (customer invoices,purchase orders),Esker allows them to automate as needed using a shared group of technologies.

Through this innovative platform, businesses have a single solution to receive sales orders or supplier invoices from any source; send purchase orders or customer invoices directly from ERP systems and store documents and data within the ERP application

Esker’s automation solution is implemented either on-premises via Esker Delivery Ware or in the cloud via Esker on Demand to automate accounts payable, order processing, accounts receivable, purchasing and more.

“Working with in a wide range of industries for nearly three decades with businesses of various sizes, we have found that automation typically helps organizations process business documents like orders and invoices up to 90% faster and a minimum of 40% more cost effectively when compared to manual processing methods,” said Jean-Michel Bérard, CEO at Esker.

Esker’s Innovative Solutions

Esker infuses its core mantra, Quit Paper, in every solution that the company delivers. For instance, Esker’s mobile invoice approval application, Esker Any where, equips managers with on-the-go accessibility to review and approve purchase requisitions and supplier invoices. The application helps businesses further speed up the review and approval cycles of invoice and requisition processing, as well as improve efficiency in the P2P cycle.

“Employees are becoming increasingly mobile and require anywhere accessibility to business processes and data in order to maximize productivity,” said Jean-Michel Bérard.“Our mobile app is a result of our ongoing commitment to bring value to companies looking for faster and more efficient ways to do daily business activities, including processing invoices and spend requests on the move.”

Esker A worldwide leader in Cloud based solution

Solution Dash boards Optimize Business Process Management

Esker offers collaborative and customizable solution dashboards which facilitate daily tasks, monitor performances indicator sand react quickly to prevent problems or spot opportunities early, making every action smarter and more strategic. The dashboards, which are integrated into all Esker solutions, enable users to access the right information when they need it, follow key performance indicators and provide real-time visibility on work in progress.

“Our simple, intuitive and collaborative solutions allow organizations to optimize how they manage critical business processes,” said Jean-Michel Bérard. “We are committed to improving our solution functionality, placing the user experience at the center of our development efforts. This new development philosophy generates greater customer adoption and improved user efficiency.”

“Esker is commitment to building a network of business collaboration, enabling meaningful connections between organizations, suppliers and customers.”


After having catered to Malaysian Airlines, Sony, Toshiba, Samsung, Whirlpool etc.,Esker continues to innovate and offer enhanced solutions to deliver greater added-value to its customers.


Accounts Payable automation success story: Craig Mostyn Group

Craig Mostyn GroupOne of Australia’s leading diversified food and agribusiness companies, the Craig Mostyn Group supplies customers both domestically and internationally with fresh pork, seafood, protein meal, tallow and fruit products. Operating state-of-the art processing facilities throughout Australia, Craig Mostyn Group turned over 350 million dollars in 2014 and is positioning itself for a significant leap in growth and new acquisitions. As part of a growth and acquisition strategy, Craig Mostyn Group has implemented Esker’s Accounts Payable (AP) automation solution.

The Challenge

Long term, Craig Mostyn Group is looking at streamlining all its processes to set itself up for significant growth and future acquisitions. For Group Financial Controller Scott Seville, the Accounts Payable process was the starting point.

“We felt our current processes were effective, but there was a space to get some efficiency gains. What cropped up was that all our invoice processing was done at the various sites, and then invoices were sent to our centralised shared service team here in Fremantle, Western Australia. The fact that one invoice gets handled by numerous people before it makes its way to head office for payment just didn’t make sense anymore.”

The Solution

crayfishAfter reviewing several solutions, Craig Mostyn Group selected the Esker Accounts Payable solution on Premises with its mobile application for business approvers.

“The small investment required to get this in place seemed like a no-brainer.” The pilot at head office provided the evidence that new technology can drive cultural change in the company. “Everyone could see the solution working. No more paper getting manually handled through the business, a completely digitalised process… the benefits flowed from there.”

Since then, and over the past 9 months, the Esker Accounts Payable solution has been rolled out to every business in the Craig Mostyn Group.

The Esker Accounts Payable (AP) automation solution is integrated with the company’s ERP system called Adept. It eliminates the need to manually process paper based documents by digitalising the invoice approval workflow and by automating the posting of the invoice key data into Adept. Additionally, the solution also includes digital archiving so that AP officers can easily retrieve invoice images with a couple of clicks.

How It Works

“The reason we chose Esker was first and foremost usability for everyone. It’s so much easier to use.” The other important factor singled out by the team is “the fact that the Esker software solution was an all-in-one solution (as opposed to other solutions which are made of several software products).”

Clearly the Esker AP automation solution includes all the required functionality and capability in one fully integrated solution with the OCR engine, workflow engine, archive, mobile application for approvers.

The Benefits

While efficiency and cost-savings were direct benefits of the implementation of the Esker AP automation solution, Scott Seville singles out the cultural shift that is helping propel the group forward in its growth and acquisitions phase.

“The time savings have exceeded our expectations, we calculated around 4 minutes per invoice potentially and that’s only in head office. We have cut costs, operating costs, paper costs, printing costs, postage costs, and storage costs. But we really wanted to make it a cultural change project. We positioned it internally as a shift in people’s time from non-value added to value-added activities, that way everyone could get behind it and support it.”

Exceptional Esker Project Team

The Craig Mostyn Group team speaks highly of the project delivered by Esker Australia.

“I thought the Esker team and the project delivery were excellent, thoroughly professional. That really gave us a lot of confidence that we made the right call.”

Future Plans with Esker

Craig Mostyn Group is now looking at implementing the same cultural shift and lift in efficiency to other processes in the business.

“When people use technology correctly, and they see it working, they start to question other parts of the business, and they start reviewing other processes” says Scott Seville.

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