12 Holiday Tradition Ideas from the Esker Family

The year flew by, again, and it’s already holiday season. If you’re anything like me, you’re running around like a crazy person trying to get everything in order.

As much of an anxiety inducer as the holidays are, one of my favorite things about them are the traditions. Old or new, holiday traditions bring joy to all involved … unless you’re Scrooge. Just saying.

Thinking about my family’s traditions made me wonder “What are the holiday traditions of my coworkers?” So, I set out to find out just that, and this is what I discovered.

Some holiday traditions start early:

“Growing up, my Mom would say we’d open presents on Christmas but then get too excited and we’d end up opening them on Christmas Eve — now we always open gifts the night before Christmas.” – Amanda Samuel, Marketing Coordinator

“On Christmas Eve we have some heavy appetizers and watch the movie “White Christmas” with Bing Crosby. After the movie, the kids make up a plate of goodies for Santa and his reindeer. Before bed, we gather on the couch and I read The Night Before Christmas. My children are now 17 and 15, but the tradition continues.” – Joe Hanousek, Customer Experience Manager

“My Mom used to wake us up at the stroke of midnight and we’d open presents.” – Jairus Harper, Customer Advocate

While others revolve around family:

“We have an annual Whobilation, based on the 2000 film “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.” Different competitions take place and the winner from the previous year is the Cheermeister, overseeing everything. There’s even a themed invite sent out.” – Will Bakker, Sales Demand Rep

“My family celebrates Hanukkah together every year. We’ll make potato latkes, light the menorah and end the night by playing board games.” – Josh Chaimson, Esker Solutions Support Specialist

“Before I got married, I’d spend every Christmas Eve at home with my parents and brother. We’d have my Mom’s homemade egg rolls and Grasshopper cocktails for dinner before opening presents. After presents, we’d have some more Grasshoppers, eat candy and play the board game Rummy Royal. Oh, the good old days!” – Kasey Schmitz, Marketing Director

“For the past 10+ years I have done a big Lego project during vacation between Christmas and New Year’s. It started because my daughter (now 17 years old) loved Legos like I did, and it was a special thing we could share and look forward to each year. She has since outgrown, but I carry on the holiday tradition and will be working on an awesome Mack Anthem tractor-trailer rig this year.” – Jeff Fritsche, Technical Architect.

or food:

“We came out with a spin on White Russians called “Fat Russians” in which the cream is replaced with eggnog. This is included in our traditional Swedish smorgasbord which contains items like: Limpa bread, Swedish meatballs, Bond Ost, lingonberries, pickled herring and Glögg.” – Joe Anderson, Sales Demand Rep

“Every Christmas Eve we have a big Polish party in Chicago. There are always homemade pierogies with different fillings (potato and cheese is my favorite), mizeria, salatka jarzynowa and other yummy dishes and desserts.” – Samantha Heavner, Creative Coordinator

Holiday traditions are something we’re all fond of:

“We’re starting a new holiday tradition this year — dressing up in ugly Christmas outfits!” – Steve Smith, U.S. Chief Operating Officer

“Holiday mad libs. It’s fun and silly.” – Joanna Honore, Strategic Alliance Specialist/Customer Advocate

“As a Christmas gift, my family goes to a sporting event. It could be Badger football or basketball, a Packers or Bucks game. It’s a fun holiday tradition because we don’t always know what to get each other and this gets us out together as a family.” – Renee Platto, Digital Marketing Manager

From all of us at Esker, we’d like to wish you a very happy holiday season. What’s your favorite holiday tradition?

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