6 (New) Ways Companies Are Using AI & Automation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automated technology are continuously advancing and so are the ways companies leverage it.

While the concept may be scary to some (especially when it comes to its impact on the modern workforce), it’s pretty cool to see the technological strides being made. They’re happening all over the place:

In stores

The world’s first humanless warehouse has been developed by Mujin, a start-up from Tokyo University. The company JD.com began full operations in June 2018 at its 40,000-sq-m facility in Shanghai.

While not new in the food service industry — places like Panera, Chili’s and others have already enacted this technology — for the first time ever McDonald’s will be implementing kiosks. But not all stores are fans of self-checkout machines, Costco cut their self-checkout machines after it caused $60,000 in merchandise loss over a six-month period at one or more Idaho stores.

In vehicles

Rivian showed off its electric adventure vehicles featuring an AI charging system that allows it to run about three times longer than a traditional battery. Featuring slick details such as an electric flashlight that sits in the driver side door and charges when the vehicle is running to a hidden exterior storage compartment, this startup is turning heads in the automotive industry.

Esker’s hometown of Madison, Wis., is even unveiling big plans with the use of a driverless shuttle coming this fall. Able to carry roughly 15 people, it will run along a one-mile stretch leading up to the Capitol.

In Singapore, Volvo is testing a full-size driverless bus. The 12-meter vehicle can carry up to 80 passengers and will be tested on Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University (NTU) campus before hitting public roads, pending regulatory approvals.

In school

On Virginia’s George Mason University, a herd of robots has been delivering food since January. For a $1.99 deliver fee, students can meet a robot and grab a meal — a novel way for campus foodservice operator Sodexo to keep sales on site.

On social media

With customers coming to expect instant access to companies and customer service, it’s no surprise that businesses are automating comments and messages. As more businesses leverage social media to communicate with consumers, expectations grow and today 63% of people expect companies to offer support via social media channels (Sprout Social).

In business processes

And since you’re on the Esker blog, you probably know at least a little about how businesses are leveraging automation to improve processes throughout the order-to-cash and purchase-to-pay cycles.

Take a look around and let us know if you have any questions by commenting below or reaching out to us.

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