Esker Q4 2019 Sales Activity

Sydney, Australia and New Zealand — January 14, 2020

(1)Includes Esker on Demand, FlyDoc, CalvaEDI, TermSync and e-integration GmbH
(2)Includes Esker DeliveryWare
(3)Includes Fax Servers and Host Access
(4)Growth based on a constant exchange rate: 2019 exchange rates applied to 2018 figures

Growth in cloud-based activities

Esker has once again experienced its most successful quarter and year in company history, surpassing the 100 million euros mark. Esker Q4 2019 consolidated sales revenue amounted to 28.7 million euros, a 22% increase over Q4 2018 based on current rates (+21% based on a constant rates).

The quarter marks an acceleration in Esker’s growth, both for cloud-based solutions and the company’s global business. Driven by the dynamic quarter, the sales revenue for the year amounted to 104.2  million euros, an 18% increase based at constant exchange rates (+20% based on current rates). Even more significant was the growth of the company’s cloud-based activities in Q4 to exceed 25% based on constant exchange rates (26% based on current rates) —  the best performance of the year. Cloud-based solutions,  of which Esker is one of the pioneers in France, represent over 90% of Esker’s business and remain the cornerstone of the company’s development.

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