SACVL Improves Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction Thanks to Esker

Sydney, Australia — July 20, 2015 — Esker, a worldwide leader in document process automation solutions and pioneer in cloud computing, today announced it has been selected by SACVL, Société Anonyme de Construction de la Ville de Lyon, a French construction and property management firm, to automate the mailing and archiving of 30,000 business documents annually. Thanks to Esker Mail Services, SACVL has been able to improve service quality and absorb the increasing volume of mail sent from IKOS, the company’s real estate business software.

In an effort to improve its service quality and strengthen customer confidence, SACVL obtained an industry quality certification in 2013 (the Qualibail certification). On top of its numerous regulatory requirements, this certification has resulted in increased mail volumes — up to 30,000 letters per year comprised of tenant discharges, proof of construction and maintenance work, customer complaint registered letters, and reminders of unpaid bills. Additionally, Esker prints and delivers SACVL’s 9,000 tenant expense notices.

Following a request for tenders, we were very impressed with Esker — a company that came highly recommended in the property management industry by other firms with similar needs,” said Hervé Domange, IT Director at SACVL. “Esker Mail Services is able to process very industry-specific business mail and interface with our IKOS application.

Meeting the Business Needs of Property Management

Implemented in just three months, Esker’s solution required a set of business rules tailored to SACVL’s specific needs, including rules to automatically determine whether or not to distribute mail depending on document type, and the ability to validate certain critical workflows prior to printing.

Today, Esker’s solution is used by over 100 SACVL co-workers, including field staff for maintenance work requests, quality managers for written requests and assistants who respond to tenants.

All our teams are very satisfied with Esker,” said Domange. “Because they have not needed to change their working methods, our employees have quickly adopted Esker’s mail services solution. No one wants to go back to stuffing envelopes!

Increased Productivity

Esker Mail Services has delivered numerous benefits to SACVL, including:

  • Time savings and increased productivity for those that manage orders — mail volume has doubled but staff numbers have remained the same
  • Internal structuring of business processes
  • Mail tracking, including registered letters
  • Electronic archiving and access to all documents issued from the ERP system via Esker
  • Real-time access to archived documents
  • Improved customer satisfaction

Thanks to Esker, we have achieved the service quality required by the Qualibail certification,” concluded Domange. “We are able to track mail in real time, provide proof of sending and ensure deadlines are met. We have increased customer satisfaction, and with Esker’s help, put in place a new organisation without losing any time.


SACVL is a construction and property management company that builds and manages its properties in central Lyon. The diversity of its real estate (e.g., housing, offices, facilities and stores) aims to promote functional and social diversity. Each program includes social housing (10-25%). The company has 150 employees, 51 million euros in sales revenue in 2011, 7,500 housing units, 39% contracted, 105,000 square meters in office space, stores and facilities and 3,800 parking lots.

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