Esker Announces New Order Processing Integration Capabilities with Oracle® E-Business Suite ERP Solution


Sydney, Australia — December 14, 2016 Esker, a worldwide leader in document process automation solutions and pioneer in cloud computing, today announced it is now offering a sales order processing solution integration with Oracle E-Business Suite. Esker customers can now receive orders directly in the Oracle E-Business Suite ERP application, enabling greater process efficiency and productivity across every phase of order processing operations.


Esker provides a single solution for sales order processing — directly into and out of Oracle E-Business Suite — to automate, streamline and track orders. Based on Esker customer results, order processing automation can help businesses process orders up to 80 percent faster, increase order accuracy rates by up to 99 percent and increase staff productivity as much as 65 percent. sm_ebiz_wht

The integration capabilities of Esker’s order processing solution are built on proven Oracle technology and application program interfaces (APIs), providing customers with a reliable, seamless ERP integration and offering IT departments the peace of mind they require during rollouts of new technologies.

Oracle E-Business Suite customers can leverage the value they have invested in their ERP system while taking advantage of specific features and benefits, including:

  • Automated master data synchronisation
  • Order creation and confirmation
  • Order archive link directly available in Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Reliable and seamless integration
  • Minimal IT involvement leading to faster go-live
  • Continuous maintenance and updates

“Esker continues to reinforce its investment in the Oracle business environment by delivering new integration capabilities to provide customers with even more value as they address both order processing and accounts payable automation,” said Esker CEO Jean-Michel Bérard. “The recent NetSuite acquisition demonstrates Oracle’s dynamic ecosystem, of which Esker wants to be a part of. As we are continuously expanding our connectors’ capabilities, we foresee a NetSuite connector in the near future.”

“Esker has been very successful with its Order Processing and Order Management solutions for SAP over the past 10 years in the Australian and New Zealand markets. We are excited to bring the same level of capabilities and business benefits to organisations running Oracle E-Business Suite ERP applications and soon NetSuite,” said Christophe DuMonet, Managing Director of Esker Australia & New Zealand.





Leading Communications Service Provider Automates Over 10,000 Monthly Invoices with Esker’s Cloud-Based AP Solution

Tools such as mobile invoice approval, customisable dashboards and a self-service portal are streamlining the purchase-to-pay (P2P) process

Sydney, Australia — November 28, 2016 — Esker, a worldwide leader in document process automation solutions and pioneer in cloud computing, today announced it has completed a project with the leading communications service provider in Malaysia to automate its accounts payable (AP) process. Esker’s cloud-based accounts payable solution integrates with the company’s SAP® system, helping to significantly reduce the amount of manual handling and invoice processing time. ap_pantone


Preparing for Malaysia’s Goods and Services Tax (GST) implementation and faced with limited invoice visibility, lost invoices, high document handling time and costs, and late approvals, the communications service provider was looking for a cloud-based solution to simplify its AP process and reduce paper usage. It was important that the solution be customisable for its unique business requirements, particularly the company’s desire for mobile functionality. Esker was able to deliver a complete AP solution, including electronic archiving, and today automates the processing of over 10,000 monthly vendor invoices.

Mobile Capabilities & Solution Dashboards

As part of its initiative to bring greater efficiency to AP, the company is taking advantage of the many innovative AP automation tools Esker offers. For example, Esker’s mobile invoice approval application Esker Anywhere, enables managers to approve requisitions, purchases and payments while they’re on the move resulting in faster invoice processing and increased efficiency in the P2P process.

The company is also using Esker’s collaborative and customisable dashboards, which provide its users with instant access to essential data, allows Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to be tracked easily and provides real-time visibility. Thanks to a comprehensive view of daily tasks (e.g., invoices pending approval, invoices by status, number of invoices processed by full-time employees, etc.), the communications service provider can better manage workloads and internal resources.

Supplier Portal for Improved Collaboration

Esker’s self-service portal also brings new levels of cost savings and efficiency to the company’s AP department by reducing the number of daily invoice status enquiries — allowing staff to focus on higher value-added tasks. Additionally, with suppliers able to submit invoices directly and electronically via the portal, the company further reduces unnecessary paper handling and improves the timeliness of payment to its suppliers. Ultimately, supplier relations and collaboration are strengthened as the company increases its productivity.


Esker showcase its Order Processing Solutions at LogiMed in Berlin, Germany


Strengthens its presence in the medical device industry with St. Jude Medical

Sydney, Australia — November 12, 2016 — Esker, a worldwide leader in document process automation solutions and pioneer in cloud computing, showcased its Order Processing solutions at LogiMed, Europe’s annual forum for supply chain leaders from top medical device manufacturers, held Oct. 17-18 in Berlin, Germany.logimedlogo

Esker’s customer, St. Jude Medical, a leading global medical device manufacturer, presented how it automated its order management process to achieve supply chain savings and improved customer service.

Order management and supply chain functions are particularly critical in the medical device and pharmaceutical industry in terms of health impacts and patient care. Numerous prominent companies in these sectors have chosen Esker’s order processing solution to automate order management, including: BASF, Bayer, Biomet, Biomnis, Fresenius Medical Care, GE Healthcare, Kern Pharma, Johnson & Johnson, Menarini, Novartis, Philips Respironics, Roche Italia, Sanofi, Siemens, Systagenix and Terumo. Esker enables these companies to optimise their supply chain by helping to meet Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

“We believe our Order Processing automation solution generates added value and profitability for all sizes of organisations – including the local subsidiaries of these global medical devices corporations,” said Christophe DuMonet, Managing Director at Esker Australia and New Zealand.

Esker automates thousands of orders received by customers on a daily basis from hospitals, clinics, doctors or other healthcare professionals. These customers have seen a number of significant business benefits thanks to order processing automation, including:

  • Order processing costs reduced by 70 percent
  • Up to 80 percent faster order processing times
  • Reduced processing errors
  • Enhanced visibility and traceability
  • Ability to meet or exceed SLAs

“Tighter regulations, expired patents and the growth of generic drugs are some of the many constraints that companies are facing in this industry at a time when they need to cut costs without compromising on the level of service offered to the patients,” said Emmanuel Olivier, chief operating officer of Esker. “Automating business document processes, and particularly purchase orders, helps companies reduce their costs.”

St. Jude Medical Customer Testimonial

Peter-Paul Van Heesewijk, vice president of worldwide customer service at St Jude Medical, delivered a master class at LogiMed entitled “Pursuing the Perfect Order: How Can Automation Drive Supply Chain Savings and Customer Excellence?”.
St. Jude Medical selected Esker for its ability to manage projects on an international scale and automate the order-to-invoice process in its entirety — from order reception to customer invoice processing. As of today, Esker has automated over a million annual customer orders for St. Jude Medical.




Esker Named Innovative P2P Technology of the Year Winner by PayStream Advisors

Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) automation suite selected for enhanced user experience

Sydney, Australia — October 20, 2016  —  Esker, a worldwide leader in document process automation solutions and pioneer in cloud computing, today announced its P2P automation solution was awarded Innovative P2P Technology of the Year Award by PayStream Advisors.  paystreamThe renowned independent research and advisory firm hosts the PayStream Advisors Innovate Awards each year to honor innovators in the field of Accounts Payable and purchasing automation. This year’s awards took place as part of the PayStream Advisors P2P Automation Masters Summit held during the IOFM’s AP&P2P Conference in Las Vegas Oct. 24-26.

PayStream recognises the top accounts payable (AP), procurement and P2P technologies each year to highlight the leaders in those sectors and to help guide customers with their purchasing needs.

“Esker has made great strides in improving its P2P offering this year, and we now see it as an ideal tool for organisations looking for a straightforward way to automate basic indirect procurement functions,” said Jimmy LeFever, Director, Research & Consulting, PayStream Advisors.

Esker’s P2P automation suite, which serves over 300 customers in 30 countries, was chosen for its flexibility, interoperability and customisable user experience. The P2P suite integrates with more than 30 different enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications, has optical character recognition (OCR) that reads 130 languages, and has a customisable set of dashboards to show key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics as needed.

“We believe our Purchase-to-Pay automation suite generates added value and profitability for all sizes of organisations – from mid-market to Tier 1 corporations,” said Christophe DuMonet, Managing Director at Esker Australia and New Zealand. “Our goal is for our customers to have the ability to communicate, collaborate and transact effectively and efficiently with their suppliers to procure high-quality goods and services at the best cost and at the right time.”



The CARSO Group Cuts Invoice Processing Time in Half Thanks to Esker’s Cloud-Based Accounts Payable Automation Solution


Sydney, Australia — October 16, 2016 — Esker, a worldwide leader in document process automation solutions and pioneer in cloud computing, today announced it is working with the CARSO Group, a leading French player in the field of analytical services, to automate it’s accounts payable (AP) process. Implemented in just four months, Esker’s accounts payable automation solution has enabled CARSO to process its supplier invoices 50 percent faster, as well as increase service quality and invoice traceability. Their next goal is achieving 100 percent paperless operations.


With over 30 million tests performed in 2015, CARSO is a leader in France in the field of health, environment and food, and in 2008, the company put in place a shared services center (SSC) to centralise accounting in its 40 subsidiaries. Esker’s solution was chosen to be implemented in 18 of these subsidiaries, which manage 2,000 suppliers and 40,000 invoices per year, as well as hundreds of managers in charge of invoice approvals.

“We selected Esker to automate our supplier invoices in order to increase productivity, improve document tracking and standardize our database,” said Emmanuel Botzung, CFO at CARSO. “It was a unifying and successful project for all stakeholders.”

Over the past 10 years, CARSO’s invoice volume has tripled, making processing and archiving increasingly complex. Thanks to Esker’s Accounts Payable automation solution, invoices received by email or mail are sent directly to Esker for processing. All relevant invoice data is extracted and created in the company’s Sage ERP application. The solution then reconciles invoices with purchase orders and delivery notes and digitally sends them to managers for approval without a single piece of paper being printed. Implemented progressively since 2015, Esker’s solution is now operational in 11 of its 18 subsidiaries in the SSC, accounting for 80 percent of the CARSO’s invoices.

“Previously, we needed 15 days per month to process our supplier invoices. Now, thanks to Esker, everything is done in real time,” said Séverine Vivière, accounts payable Manager at CARSO. “Our accounting team has become increasingly versatile, and its activity is spread out over the year.”

A Simplified &  Accelerated Approval Process

With Esker, CARSO has been able to absorb a 20 percent increase in activity at its SSC since 2015 and achieve many benefits for the entire company, including:

  • Increased productivity, with invoice processing time cut in half
  • Reduced invoice validation time thanks to the supplier portal and Esker’s mobile approval application Esker Anywhere, giving managers on-the-road invoice accessibility
  • Improved customer relationships by reducing errors and lost documents
  • Better traceability and dispute resolution through accurate process monitoring
  • Greater business visibility with customisable dashboards
  • Eliminated paper archiving and time spent filing and looking for documents

“Now all we have to do is snap our fingers to find an archived invoice,” said Vivière. “And Esker’s mobile invoice application has made approvals so much easier for our managers. No one at CARSO will ever go back to how it used to be!”

About the CARSO Group

The CARSO Group is a leader in France in analytical services and services in the field of health/environmental, food and DNA – paving the way for a safer environment and better quality of life. With over 2,500 employees working in 40 sites (including 10 abroad), CARSO analyzes over 30 million parameters annually and in 2015 achieved 186 million euros in sales revenue. CARSO was founded in 1992 by Neptune Technologies in conjunction with the CNRS scientific research center for the purpose of analysing dioxins via high resolution mass spectrometry.




Order and Issue Management: An Untapped Potential for Improved Productivity and Enhanced Customer Relationships (Part 7)


Let’s not confuse ‘issue management’ solution and ‘issue management’ process.

For sure, most companies deal with ‘customer issues’ – mostly via a mix of tools such as email, telephone, CRM, intranet, etc. This means that there is no adequate ‘issue management’ solution in place to effectively and productively drive the prompt resolution of customer issues. Of course, this leads to customer dissatisfaction and erode positive branding. Like the recent quote from the CEO of Telstra who said that customers do not compare their customer experience between vendors but against their last interaction with the same company.

Esker Survey Results 7

Order and Issue Management: An Untapped Potential for Improved Productivity and Enhanced Customer Relationships (Part 6)


The early and broad adoption of EDI technologies in ANZ in various industries means that a large proportion of customer orders are transmitted via EDI. However, like everywhere else, EDI orders are processed via one set of technologies whilst fax and email orders are processed either manually or via another set of technologies – often enough not in an integrated manner. This means that the customer service team seldom has access to all customer orders from one interface, cannot easily reconcile all customer orders from customers using multiple channels (EDI, fax, email, tel) and in some companies a dedicated team needs to check and correct EDI orders.

A simpler, integrated solution to manage all orders – EDI, fax, email – provides an effective tool to increase productivity and increase customer satisfaction.

Esker Survey Results 6

Electro-Matic Chooses Esker’s Cloud Solution to Automate Its Order Management Process


Sydney, Australia — August 15, 2016 — Electro-Matic Products, Inc.
(, logo EMa leading supplier of high technology automation components and services, recently announced its agreement with Esker, a worldwide leader in document process automation solutions and pioneer in cloud computing, to automate its order management process. Esker’s cloud-based order processing automation solution will integrate with Electro-Matic’s existing Prophet 21 ERP system.

Processing around 3,400 orders monthly from a customer base of approximately 2,500, Electro-Matic had previously used a template-based auto-order solution (alongside its ERP system) to automate some aspects of the process. While the solution performed its intended function, it only had the capacity to automate order processing for 10 percent of Electro-Matic’s customers — that is, unless additional templates were purchased. Electro-Matic sought a less restrictive solution with more advanced functionality, as a result. Already an Esker VSI-FAX customer, the company was intrigued by Esker’s rules-based solution for its OCR technology and the ability to process orders of any format (e.g., PDF, fax, email, etc.).

Another advantage of choosing Esker was the solution’s scalability. Electro-Matic’s customer base was growing, and adding another employee for the sole purpose of manually processing orders was not an option the company wished to entertain. Carrie Cahill, manager of continuous improvement at Electro-Matic, explained the importance of this, saying: “With Esker, we can grow with the solution. The ability of our CSRs to more effectively manage output, be more hands on with customers and better maintain their own accounts provides us limitless opportunities for improving order management.”

One problem Electro-Matic hopes to eliminate with Esker is the potential for order entry errors, which can produce added costs in a manual order management process. With its intelligent data capture capabilities, Esker’s order processing automation solution will eliminate costs associated with returns, restocking and reshipping products caused by errors.

Electro-Matic plans to move the twenty customers whose orders they’ve already automated over to Esker first, and then gradually transition the rest. Eventually Esker’s solution will be implemented at all three of Electro-Matic’s subsidiaries. Moving forward with its automation initiative, Electro-Matic has also signed a contract with TermSync, an Esker company, to automate its accounts receivable process.

About Electro-Matic Products

Established in 1969, Electro-Matic Products, Inc. ( a supplier of a complementary group of high technology automation components targeting the users and manufacturers of industrial automation equipment. With corporate headquarters in Farmington Hills, Michigan, it serves the automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical, rubber/steel, utilities and industrial manufacturing markets with approximately 200 employees.



Parts Town Awarded Order-to-Cash Department of the Year at Inaugural AR & O2C Spotlight Awards


Adoption of Esker’s business process automation solutions improved cash conversion cycle and customer experience leading to recognition.

logo Parts town



Sydney, Australia — August 2, 2016 — Parts Town, a leading parts distributor in the food service equipment market (, was named the AR & O2C Spotlight Awards’ Order-to-Cash Department of the Year winner. Hosted by The AR Network (TARN), the inaugural awards are an expansion of the Institute of Finance and Management’s (IOFM) Spotlight Awards and recognise outstanding achievements in financial operations.

Parts Town earned this distinction by successfully automating its manual cash conversion process, improving customer service and increasing productivity and efficiency while reducing days sales outstanding (DSO).

Last year, Parts Town’s O2C team recognized the need for a new process to sustain its high annual growth rates while increasing workflow efficiency and visibility, high-quality customer care and turnaround time. They decided that a cloud-based solution would enhance their productivity and enlisted the help of Esker, a leading document process automation solution provider.

Esker’s solution automated the entire order processing cycle starting with the reception of the order, scanning of the order and creation of the order into the ERP application, as well as creating and processing invoices for collection. With this implementation, Parts Town is steadily making progress toward its goal of processing 60 percent of its orders by 3 p.m. every day.

“Parts Town is growing rapidly and we need solutions that put us in a position to continue that growth, as well as streamline the processes to maintain it,” said Amy Argentine, Director of Technical Service at Parts Town. “Providing excellent customer service was the driving force behind our decision to partner with Esker, and we are now able to provide an improved process from start to finish in less time.”

With the automated order processing solution, Parts Town’s Distribution Center (DC) benefited greatly as well. The DC has full visibility using this platform, which allows the data to be allocated and used to forecast supply chain and staffing demands.

“The O2C cycle is crucial to the success of a business because it affects customer satisfaction and the company’s bottom line. Parts Town was awarded this honor due to its commitment to prioritising the customer experience while sustaining growth and improving visibility,” said Brian Cuthbert, executive director at IOFM.

About Parts Town

Parts Town ( supplies genuine OEM replacement parts for commercial cooking equipment to the restaurant industry. For over 20 years, Parts Town has been focused on delivering the highest level of customer service for food equipment replacement parts, commercial kitchen accessories and selected food equipment. By recruiting and retaining the industry’s leading talent and living its core values, Parts Town has been able to achieve the unique combination of providing the industry’s most complete set of value-added capabilities while continuing to provide enthusiastic and expert customer service.

Parts Town has been named to the Crain’s “Fast 50” list, recognising the fastest growing companies in the Chicagoland area for six consecutive years as well as the “Inc 5000” list of fastest growing privately held companies in North America for eight consecutive years.


Parts town