4 Reasons the Future of Fax is in the Cloud

Are you tired of the traditional faxing methods making you and your business vulnerable to higher costs, increased errors and slow document processing times? Do you wish your fax operations were easier and more efficient? It’s probably time to move your fax to the cloud. Here’s why.

1. You can fax directly from your desk

A Cloud Fax Services’ integration enables you to send and receive faxes directly in your ERP application or messaging environment, saving the time it takes to get up and manually send a fax from a fax machine and the resources required to print a fax and retrieve it. According to research based on our customers, business leveraging our Cloud Fax Services can process their fax orders up to 75% faster. If you like the idea of keeping all communications central and electronic, a cloud fax solution is where it’s at. Save your walking time for the park next door and save office supplies to send paper planes to your co-workers. You’re welcome.

2. You get notified in real time

Not sure what happens to your fax after you send it? Was it sent and received exactly as you intended? You can relax now. Cloud Fax Services takes the worry out of faxing by allowing you to track the status of your faxes, and automatically sending you a notification directly within your ERP when your fax has been received. Never again will your activities be slowed down by undelivered faxes.

Did you know?
Esker Cloud Fax Services lets users customise the look and feel of their fax communications. Users send documents to an Esker facility where they are processed and faxed according to user specifications.

3. You can fax even without being in the office

Lots of business happens outside of business hours and you need a solution that can accommodate that. Cloud Fax Services can support your fax communications anytime with 24/7 year-round fax capability. Fax platforms in both Europe and North America back up one another to eliminate the possibility of production interruption and keep your business moving. For instance, Esker’s data centres in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific are always monitored to ensure continuous service of your faxing operations. You can sleep peacefully. At home.

4. Unlike the Internet, you can’t break Cloud faxing

Each facility that supports Cloud Fax Services is fully equipped to handle your fax jobs, no matter how large. What does that mean for you? No longer dealing with the hassles of high-volume fax jobs that internal servers and fax machines can’t handle. Plus, assurance that your fax operations will hold up during peak volumes. Increasing your productivity by 200% is now safe!

Now you’re convinced that the future of fax is in the Cloud but need more to convince your manager and your IT team? We have 7 reasons for them to adopt Cloud Fax Services.
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