Edenkia moves to ‘e-invoicing & Automated Invoicing’ with Esker’s Cloud-Based Accounts Receivable Solution

Sydney, Australia — April 21, 2015 — Esker, a worldwide leader in document process automation solutions and pioneer in cloud computing, today announced its three year collaboration with Edenkia, a French provider of alternative energy and subsidiary of the Proxiserve group, to automate over 10,000 customer invoices annually. Implemented in just eight days, Esker’s Accounts Receivable solution has enabled Edenkia to process more invoices without adding to its accounting staff. Thanks to Esker, Edenkia is also able to deliver e-invoices to customers who wish to receive them electronically.

In 2012, Edenkia became a fully owned subsidiary of the Proxiserve group. It was in this context that Edenkia had to bring accounts receivable (AR) in-house and manage the time-consuming process of its invoices, as well as a growing number of customers. Invoicing is at the core of Edenkia’s profession — the company issues detailed invoices based on actual consumption, and invoice precision is crucial.

After having put in place new billing software, Edenkia was looking for a cloud-based solution to outsource and manage its customer invoices — specifically, one that offered invoice tracking capabilities, secured archiving that could recover billing history dating back to 2005, and the ability to offer e-invoices to customers who wanted them.

Detailed customer invoicing represents the core of our business,” said Laurent Moché, Director of Operations at Edenkia. “When we became a subsidiary of Proxiserve we had to reassess our operations and quickly provide an effective solution to process our customer invoices.

Quick Solution Implementation

With Esker, Edenkia automatically sends AR invoices from its billing software to Esker’s mail production facilities, where they are printed, folded, stuffed, stamped, handed off to the postal service and archived on a web portal. E-invoices are delivered to customers who prefer them over paper, speeding up the approval and payment process, particularly for large, multi-site businesses. Esker’s successful collaboration with Edenkia, in turn, led Proxiserve to use Esker to send its 3,000 monthly pay slips.

Esker’s teams are dynamic and dedicated to customer service,” said Moché. “Their solution was implemented in record time — just eight days. We are 100% satisfied with Esker and our relationship. Furthermore, their AR solution stood out above the competition thanks to its simple and transparent billing process — there are no surprises.

A Fast, Simple and Efficient Solution

Thanks to Esker, Edenkia has achieved many benefits including:

  • Faster invoice delivery by placing paper invoices in the postal stream within 24 hours of generation
  • Increased productivity allows more invoices to be processed with the same amount of staff
  • Real-time and quick access to archived invoices to better respond to daily customer inquiries
  • Improved customer relations thanks to the elimination of errors associated with manual processing and the accessibility of invoices on a web portal
  • Better invoice clarity using envelopes with two windows — for Edenkia’s address and logo
  • Comprehensive AR invoice visibility thanks to automatic reporting, dashboards and metrics

About Edenkia

Edenkia was established in 2000 under the name Dalkia Global Offering — a subsidiary 50% EDF and 50% Dalkia France. In 2003, the company was renamed Edenkia and began offering electricity to the professional sector when the market opened up (in July 2004). On January 1, 2012, Edenkia become a 100% subsidiary of the Proxiserve group — a former subsidiary of Veolia Environment and EDF — and relies on Proxiserve’s expertise in meter readings.

Edenkia is an alternative electricity supplier specialising in large sites (surface areas greater than 5,000 m²) and electrically powered high voltage (greater than 250 kVA), including: offices, platforms, shopping centres, etc., and can also provide industrial platforms. The company is also authorised to buy/resell electricity by the order of February 22, 2012.

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