Food & Beverage Company Garcia Carrión Reduces Order Processing Costs by 70% with Esker’s Automation Solution



Sydney, Australia — May 3, 2016 — Esker, a worldwide leader in document process automation solutions and pioneer in cloud computing, today announced it is working with García Carrión, the leader in the wine and juice market in Spain, to automate the company’s inbound fax and email orders.

Thanks to Esker’s cloud-based Order Processing automation solution, García Carrión has improved its customer response time by 80 percent and reduced its order processing costs by 70 percent.
García Carrión receives over 30,000 orders per year (approximately 120 per day) via email or fax. These orders had previously been processed manually (excluding EDI), with several full-time employees needed in Madrid and Barcelona to print the emails, enter data in the SAP® system and physically archive the documents — a process that took an average of two minutes per order.

Key Objectives

As part of its strategy to continuously improve business processes, García Carrión was looking to improve order management by reducing the number of errors and creating a single entry point for all orders. This would facilitate order retrieval, reduce the risk of lost orders and improve customer relationships. Additionally, García Carrión would also be able to reduce manual paper handling and save space by eliminating sizable physical archiving.
García Carrión implemented Esker’s sales order processing automation solution in just two months, allowing the company to streamline its entire order management process. Today, every order is received electronically through Esker, where data is automatically extracted and validated, and orders are created in SAP and archived electronically.

Benefits of Automation

García Carrión has already achieved many benefits in terms of productivity and customer satisfaction from automated order processing including:

  • 70 percent reduction in order processing costs.
  • 80 percent faster order processing times.
  • Elimination of errors resulting from manual processing.
  • 65 percent more time for Customer Service Managers.
  • 100 percent order process visibility.

In addition to the quantitative benefits, users appreciate the intuitive nature of Esker’s solution and have noticed an improvement in the quality of their work life,” said Carlos Uceira, IS Manager at García Carrión. “We have been able to significantly reduce customer response time, as well as improve customer service thanks to real-time order information. We have finally standardized and streamlined our business communications.”

About García Carrión

Founded in 1890, García Carrión is the leader in the wine and juice market in Spain with the largest winery in Europe, fifth in the world, and the second largest juice brand in Europe. The company has developed its business in more than 155 countries on five continents and has achieved 50% of sales from export (with an objective of achieving 75% in the next five years). The company has also achieved sustainable growth in the domestic market, where it operates its own wineries and vineyards.

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