Introducing Bradley Sinnott: CX Training Consultant

The real competitive advantage in any business is one word only, which is “people”.— Kamil Toume, Writer and thought leader

I joined Esker ANZ Monday ,13th September 2021 as part of the Customer Experience team with the focus of training End Users to use and optimize their Esker on Demand Solutions. Together with the various Esker team members, I am focused on working to building strategies to help customers and their End Users get the best value out of their solution.

I was drawn to Esker due to the amazing work culture, the innovation of the solution and the way the company helps customers succeed. Working for a software company that has a unique solution that helps their customers with daily value is something I envision when working with clients/ I look forward to sharing my expertise and knowledge with the team and customers in the new role and adding to the Esker story.

My prior business experience is working in accounting software with ERP’s, SME accounting packages, warehouse management and many different industries. I understand the value of a solution that solves the challenge of organizing electronic documents and helping remove paper and clutter from the desk, computer desktop and having real-time information at hand to help make informative business decisions fast.

My personal passions are sailing, surfing, and all team sports. I will have a go at anything, plus my latest activity is yoga. I have also been known as Bradtech and anyone knows they can call on me to help anytime for advice, from a new server config to a choice of PC or Laptop, due to my love of everything IT. I have a young family that can keep me busy however I love getting out (when we could). I have traveled overseas to such places as South Africa, Zambia, PNG, Dubai and the US and have a lot more on my freedom list. I love meeting people from different backgrounds and getting out of my comfort zone by learning new things.

Please reach out to connect with me on LinkedIn. I look forward to connecting with you.

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