Uncertain Times Calls for Workplace Flexibility and Accessibility to Cloud-Based Solutions

Now more than ever, businesses are recognizing the need for tools that enable workplace flexibility — like cloud-based document automation — and prepare them for any event that prevents staff from convening and risks bringing operations to a screeching halt.


Even if employees have never had to work remotely before, equipping them with a cloud-based solution allows businesses to continue operating almost seamlessly, even in the most unexpected and inconvenient circumstances. In times of crisis or upheaval, here’s what AI-driven automation solutions provide organizations to promote workplace flexibility and business continuity:


Visibility is already of utmost importance for performance and profitability, but its importance is increased two-fold when it comes to remote work. Staff must be able to find important information and data to adequately help customers and vendors, and managers must be able to track every step that goes into processing an order or invoice. Luckily, AI-driven solutions provide customizable dashboards and real-time updates that managers and other employees need to keep all procure-to-pay (P2P) and order-to-cash (O2C) processes running without interruption or bottlenecks.

Cloud-based solutions typically provide users with even more visibility and accessibility via a mobile application as well. From any location, here’s what capabilities mobile applications can provide:

  • AP staff can approve, hold or send back invoices and purchase requisitions
  • CSRs and customers can place and track a variety of orders
  • Business leaders can access important metrics and KPIs to track performance and productivity
  • All users always have the same level of information available at their fingertips


With a cloud-based solution, unanticipated circumstances don’t affect or disrupt your business operations as greatly, as all necessary information is easily accessible from any location, so long as there is an internet connection — promoting business continuity without actually having to be in an office. When manual, paper-based processes are still being used and a crisis arises that prevents staff from accessing documents, a business often times has no choice but to suspend operations. That’s why having a web-based solution is essential for survival and success in our current business landscape. Not only does digital-driven automation make information and data easily accessible to staff, but it also makes exchanging that information with coworkers quicker and easier as well.

With the availability of self-service portals provided by cloud-based platforms, communication and collaboration with customers and vendors is never inhibited. Customers can access key order information and easily contact support, and vendors can get real-time updates on invoices and can see exactly when they will be paid.


Maintaining business continuity is much easier when approval workflows are automated. Rather than having to manually keep track of statuses of orders and invoices, they are automatically routed to the appropriate approver according to business rules, and the workflow continues on uninterrupted. In addition, because the solution tracks every step of the workflow, data security and compliance are also enhanced.

Disruptions in business will always arise, whether they are minimal or catastrophic. And for forward-thinking businesses, being prepared for such unanticipated disruptions can mean the difference between triumph or complete failure.

Taking action now and adopting digital practices is the best way future-proof and crisis-proof your business and protect your hard-working employees. Get in touch with us today to make that happen!

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