17 Things Companies Have Said About Esker’s Order Management Solution

Customer service departments are constantly faced with the challenge of doing more with less, having to still use outdated, predominantly manual processes to manage customer orders. Because order management is one of the few processes that influence everyone from customer service and IT to the supply chain and finance, organizations are learning that their traditional, paper-based order processing methods are unsustainable and in need of modernization.

Business leaders are taking notice of one game-changing tool for customer service departments, though: AI automation. With a myriad of different technologies to consider for a department that deals with one of the most valuable assets in a company (customers), finding the right solution may feel like an intimidating task.

There’s a reason why word-of-mouth is directly responsible for 19% of all purchases and online reviews can make or break a business — customers trust other customers’ opinions about products and services. So rather than lecturing you on the countless benefits and capabilities of automated order management, I’ll let our customers speak for themselves.

Here are 17 things companies have said about Esker’s Order Management solution:

About Speed & Efficiency

When you boil it down, the primary goal of automation is to streamline processes, cut costs and enhance customer experience to bolster your bottom line. If workflows are digitized and CSRs have the tools they need to be highly efficient, the positive impact can be monumental. Let’s hear from some customers about how automation has affected their order processing speed and efficiency …

  •  “Automating orders has helped us in three key areas: faster order processing times, greater efficiency in document filing, and the ability to adapt business models without increasing costs.” 
    Customer Service Manager | Aguas Danone S.A.
  • “Thanks to Esker, we can now process 90% of our orders without any human intervention.” 
    Customer Order and Strategy Manager | PepsiCo
  • “Shortly after solution implementation, Esker was already automating more than half our orders received by email and has allowed us to free-up time for two CSRs.” 
    Head of Sales and Customer Service | Frit Ravich
  • “Before Esker, we were spending 45 minutes to input one of our customer’s multiple line orders, but this has been reduced to under one minute with just a couple of simple clicks of a button using the automated sales order solution” 
    Head of Technology | Enotria&Coe

About Visibility & Reporting

You know how it goes — “you can’t change what you can’t track.” That’s why customizable dashboards with real-time KPI tracking are among customers’ favorite benefits of Esker’s Order Management solution. Here’s what they have to say:

  • ”Thanks to Esker, we now can manage all incoming orders regardless of reception channel (e.g., fax, email, sales, EDI, etc.) from one dashboard view. We are able to easily monitor team performance, order volume and Key Performance Indicators in real time, which has resulted in more control, visibility and transparency in our daily work.” 
    Customer Service Manager | Multinational Pharmaceutical Company
  • “Esker’s reporting capabilities were the biggest differentiator — it’s better than we could have ever imagined. The opportunities for data mining are limitless, as we can track metrics for basically anything that will streamline efficiencies and make life easier for our customers.” 
    Supervisor of Customer Service | Global Paint Company
  • “Starting out, I don’t think we really understood how much visibility our process was lacking. But once we went live that first day and saw all of our orders in the queue, we were amazed at how easy it was to access and optimize our workload.” 
    Customer Service Business Support Leader | Moen

About Productivity & Value-Added Work

Here’s a helpful equation when considering automation benefits: order management – manual processing = productive employees doing value-added work. As you can see, this benefit is a big deal to our customers …

  • “Automation has allowed us to eliminate manual tasks that offer no value to the company. For example, we have cut the time it takes to manage orders in half.” 
    Customer Service Business Support Leader | Moen
  • “Esker’s AI-based recognition has significantly reduced manual work. We can now focus on improving other factors within our department. The interface is very user-friendly and easy for new employees to use right off the bat, which has helped us save time in new hire trainings.” 
    Accounts Payable Manager | Pet Lovers Centre
  • “We’ve been thrilled with the results Esker delivered. Instead of focusing on data entry, our staff is able to work on proactive outbound calling to ensure a positive customer experience and increase revenue.″  
    Director of Customer Service | Amerock Hardware
  • “We wanted our staff to spend more time helping customers instead of entering orders all day. Esker allows us to manage high order volumes while providing a superior level of customer service.” 
    Customer Service Supervisor | Global Paint Company

About Implementation & Support

It’s not enough to just have a best-in-class automation solution. Having a smooth implementation process and a dedicated support team that delivers what you need, when you need it is a top priority for businesses when considering an automated order processing solution. Our customers have a lot to say about Esker’s implementation process and the Solutions Support team:

  • “Our team is thrilled with the functionality and flexibility Esker has brought to their daily work, and the ease with which the solution was implemented. The use of Agile methodology for solution delivery allows for a faster and more engaging experience.” 
    Order Management Manager | HEINEKEN Spain
  • “There’s also the Esker team — the customer service is phenomenal. You can tell that everyone at Esker is dedicated and takes a customer-centric approach to everything they do.″ 
    Senior Customer Service Manager | Aspen Medical
  • “In just 10 weeks from the initial meeting we were in production, which was a great achievement as time was of the essence. Esker have been very committed and most responsive throughout the whole process, we have been amazed at how quickly Esker have been able to react to our requirements. The Esker team have given us a first class service.” 
    Head of Technology | Enotria&Coe

About Customer Experience & Employee Satisfaction

Happy employees and happy customers lead to a healthy bottom line. Many of our customers feel that Esker’s Order Management solution has transformed the way employees work and interact with customers.

  • “In addition to drastically speeding up response times, we managed to improve customer service thanks to instant information retrieval. Ultimately, we were able to streamline and standardize our business relationships. 
    Systems Manager | García Carrión
  • “By automating our order management process, we have been able to offer our customers a convenient way to place their orders, taking into account some of their unique requirements. This, in turn, has led to an increase in customer satisfaction rates.” 
    Customer Order and Strategy Manager | Walkers
  • “We had a staff member who was hesitant to make the transition to Esker’s solution. Now that we’ve implemented it, she tells us she doesn’t know how she ever did her work without Esker. Our employees enjoy using the solution.” 
    Customer Support Manager | IPC Global Solutions

You heard it straight from the horse’s mouth: 18 things companies have said about Esker’s Order Management solution. Want to hear more order management automation success stories?

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